Bowers & Wilkins Wireless P7

Without wire, no problems and with great sound.

Bowers & Wilkins step into the future. The first swallow were wireless B & W P5, which only benefited from the advent of a built-in battery and audio processor. Personally, I was waiting for the appearance of a “top” model in the Wireless format. Listened to her for a week, here are the conclusions.

By the way, I decided to write a more traditional review, paying attention to both design and sound in equal parts. Unsubscribe in the comments, which format you like – technical and detailed, or more emotional and about impressions.

The design of the P7 Wireless is quieter


B & W P7 are considered the “top” model in the headphones line from Bowers & Wilkins. This position is fulfilled by 100%, which we wrote about in the review of three years ago. Since then, the standards of good sound have not changed, but a new requirement has appeared. Down with the wires!

Experts will not notice the difference in the hulls of the new and old models. This is not a rethinking, as in the new B & W P3, but a new branch of evolution.

beast bluetooth headphones

Connect as you like. But without a wire is better


On the underside of the headphones there is a rocker-button with LED, which controls the process of connecting to the smartphone.

This time a miracle happened, from here is such a voluminous and detailed review.

The most important (and brain-blowing) change happened inside. As befits the best Bluetooth headphones, the Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless now has a digital audio processing and conversion module, that is, DSP. In simple terms, this chip is responsible for recognizing the sound from the source and converting it into an analog signal that is fed to the speakers.

More details about wireless sound P7 I’ll talk about below. Wired method is suitable for emergency cases. The difference in power, brightness and latitude of the scene is not in favor of the cable.

I’m tired of the hackneyed wireless headphones. There are so many of them that every well-sounding pair seems like a real engineering miracle. Therefore, to them I originally come from a different position: if only they were playing NORMALLY.

I can subscribe to the efforts of programmers from B & W – the result is stunningly good.

Secondly, do not spoil the low frequencies. Wired P7 always had a good and deep bass, due to which it was favorably allocated against the background of other models of the line. In the wireless version, it has not disappeared anywhere: everything is the same, absorbing depth without “dirty” jittering from scratch, with a sharp attack with a sharp blow.

Noise cancelling is passive, but strong.

Headband as before single-section. From the inside soft, pliable to bend without fanaticism. It’s interesting to ask the owners of conventional P7: how is the skin on the back? Was it worn out for a year or not? The experience of using leather headphones from other manufacturers is ambiguous, it all depends on the composition and origin of the skin, as well as the method of its processing. Hence the interest.

I think you can already guess

Not cheap. But it’s definitely worth listening to. Once you see them on the store, do not miss the chance to get best Bluetooth headphones.