Dubai Safari

Did you know Dubai has a safari?

No, not the desert safaris, an actual safari.  A monkeys-sit-on-the-roof-of-your-car safari.

Well, not yet.

But it will.

Dubai Safari is set to open in November 2017 with a deadline of the United Arab Emirates National Day (2nd December 2017).

We’re expecting a soft opening in early November, which is pretty soon and we’re excited to see what it’s like!  It’s almost confirmed to be ready to open before United Arab Emirates National Day, so we’re crossing our fingers hoping it’ll be done on time!

This 1 billion (yes, billion with a B) AED (£200 million) project will be the new home to more 3,500 animals in its first phase but it’s expected to grow after that.

The Dubai Safari will be a 100,000 sq. ft animal kingdom with Arabian, Asian and African themed villages.

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Dubai Safari’s Asia themed exhibit will be ready to start importing animals into the park once the temperature drops, with wild Himalayan goats, gigantic Hawaiian sheep and elephants flown in from Asia.  Meanwhile, prides of lions and packs of wolves will find their homes in the African and Arabian exhibits respectively.

There’s expected to be some new additions, too, and not just new as in never-before but new as in just-born!  We believe there will be a brand new litter of Bengal tiger cubs waiting for guests around the time of opening.  There has also been talk of some other pregnancies within the Safari which should be ready for the general public.

We all love baby animals, don’t we?

Recently, two lion cubes were born at the Dubai Safari and the Dubai Municipality invited local children to offer up some names for them.  I’m sure they’ll have lots of visitors at the Safari.

All of the animals from Dubai’s current zoo in Jumeirah will be removed from their current cramped quarters and rehomed into the large open spaces of the Safari.  All of these animals will definitely enjoy a bit more space to prowl around, I’m sure.  It’s looking like the Dubai Safari will be a big hit!

The Dubai Safari has been built for a capacity of over 5,000 animals.  Roughly 70 dangerous reptiles who had previously been seized from their owners are going to be rehomed at the Dubai Safari as part of a new partnership with the Sharjah Breeding Centre, the Sharjah Breeding Centre has been a shelter for endangered wildlife for quite some time.  Hopefully now they’ll be happily rehoused into a more suitable environment.

The Dubai Safari chief has said that it will take roughly seven to eight hours to enjoy the zoo in its entirety and there are some plans underway to start building a hotel for extended trips.

No word just yet on the prices for a trip through the Dubai Safari but let’s hope it’s reasonable so we can get our cheap hotels in Dubai booked and visit some wildlife!  What a way to make your trip even more memorable.