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B) buy the equal speed of memory to what is currently hooked up, i.e. if PC2-5300 is set up then buy a PC2-5300 laptop SODIMM as it’s very rare that the memory controller to your pc can run at a better memory spec, and even if it could, the presently installed slower reminiscence will prevent this (except you change all SODIMM’s to the brand new faster spec)

C) where financially feasible to do so, constantly attempt to buy SODIMM’s of the same capability to what you presently have mounted (see under as to why) You can get more details about here.

D) If the laptop reminiscence improve you propose to buy does not feature a lifetime warranty then it’s fine to avoid it altogether, respected memory manufacturers offer lifetime warranties because they trust in their products, so have to you (for peace of mind)

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E) truely purchase mainstream computer SODIMM’s instead of performance pc SODIMM’s. The latter will feature faster reminiscence timings, which give a modest performance improve. For them to run at those timings however all set up reminiscence modules must meet this spec. As your currently hooked up pc will in all likelihood feature somewhat slower timings, your pc’s BIOS will use those, and not the quicker timings.

computer SODIMM dual channel mode

The big majority of modern-day laptops help what’s called twin channel mode. In practise, this means two laptop SODIMM’s are accessed in parallel for greater performance (bandwidth).