Your Personal Desktop Security Software Guide

How To Keep Your Computer Safe

Computer users used to be so frightened of infections and threats on the internet, but now that software developers have come up with excellent antivirus and antispyware, this problem is not longer a nuisance.

If you surf the internet, and you are not protected, then you need to stop right away and get security software. This is absolutely necessary if you want to continue using your computer without it freezing or crashing. Freezing is also called hanging which means everything is inaccessible – mouse does not work, keyboard is useless (unless you know the commands to use), and generally, you either have to reboot your PC or wait until it starts to function again.

There are generally 6 items you need to keep away from your computer to avoid this kinds of scenarios. They are:

Viruses – These files can come in varying degrees of danger, but they all can create havoc with your system files and data files.

Spyware – Similar to viruses, spyware is basically the James Bond of evil. It is a file that enters your computer without permission, and tries to steal information about you. Its target is mainly financial and personal information, so if you have secrets or credit data stored inside your computer, you could be a victim of credit card fraud or privacy issues.

Malware – This is really a combination of files that are both viruses and spyware, so you can imagine how much damage it can do to your computer.

Pop Up Ads – Ever seen an ad suddenly pop up on your screen, flashing and screaming some kind of marketing gimmick? The problem is not that it keeps coming back, but that it could contain malicious files as well.

Infected email attachments – It can come from various sources. If you have a friend who forwards an attachment to you that he does not know is infected, you will also get infected. Also, you could receive emails with attachments from people you do not know, these generally are also infected.

You can keep these 6 different threats away from your computer by getting an antispyware, antivirus, malware detection, pop up blocker, and email attachment phishing. All these applications can be found in one software like Bit Defender or Kaspersky.
So are you looking for free desktop security software?

We all need protection, not just for our family, homes, cars, offices, but also when we go online using the internet. The threats on the internet are scarier than your regular thief because they’re just everywhere, and in so many different forms. This is why desktop security software has been one of the top priorities prior to internet use.

Of course, preferably the security system to get is the free desktop security software, but there is the danger of getting the wrong one.

There are many free desktop security software on the internet, however if you are planning to get one based on how nice the name of the software is, or just planning to choose randomly – just to get it over with, then you are still risking your computer’s life and your data’s security. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people on the internet who make it their business to make money the sneaky way. Others just enjoy destroying data. Whichever the reason, there are desktop security software that have hidden agendas, and use the appeal of security software to get into people’s computer system.

One of the hidden agendas is to infect the computer so that you will feel forced to buy a security software. Another would be to destroy and steal the very files the software is suppose to protect.